The Becoming Ourselves Podcast

Faith is Fun!

December 22, 2021 Episode 75
The Becoming Ourselves Podcast
Faith is Fun!
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What's on Juli's mind this week? Let's find out in this raw solo episode. She'll tackle the topic of how faith can be a rollercoaster journey. How do you manage yours?

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Juli Wenger:

You're on this earth for a purpose. You want to live a life that matters. So let's get through the fear and the overwhelm and all the crap that gets in the way of you living the life you're here for. This is the becoming ourselves podcast where we are fired up about you getting clear on who you are, what you're called to, and how to get there. Because the world is waiting for you to show up and own your power. I'm your host, Juli Wenger, a coach, a speaker, a Jesus lover in Enneagram, two, and a tree shaker. Let's dive into what's keeping you stuck. Because on the other side is a life that's fired up, fulfilled. And welcome to becoming ourselves the podcast. It's so low episode time we are into the Christmas season, y'all. And as much as winter is not my favorite season, I do love me some Christmas tree glow. And that time of year where we can pull up the candles, and just be in this warmth and comforting space and under cozy blankets, watching in my case old episodes of Star Trek. So there I am calling myself out for you know, being a an old school Star Trek nerd. Anyway, here's what I wanted to talk about today. Because I wanted to have a real transparency moment about what the day to day looks like. And it's been an interesting journey, right? It's been as you're talking about in the last solo episode, a season of moving even though I'm not ready of things being done, even though I don't feel ready. And the difference between ready and comfortable. And I have so had to lean into my faith in that part of the journey into Okay, God, what are we doing today? And being okay with not always having a clear answer. In the last week or so, has been so interesting, because there have been moments and there have been days where he has been so clear and so loud. And then there have been these other days and these other moments where it's like, either. And so I want you to know, I mean, a that's normal, because we're gonna go through phases, we're gonna go through periods where he's like, No, you're good. You don't need information from me right now. You don't need me to give you the plan. Because I've already given you the plan, you just need to go execute. And yet, I'm brought back to this, the mountains may move and the hills may disappear. But my faithful love for you all remain. And I have to circle back there. Because I forget. Okay, I forget how loved I am. I forget how faithful he is. I forget that even though I'm inconsistent sometimes. And I was listening to a song by I think it's Candace Williams called declaration. And it talked about that, even though I'm inconsistent. How he loves me anyway, how it's not that my purpose then becomes invalid, or I somehow disqualify myself from the work that he's calling me to, because my humanity took over or my need for control took over. My need for affirmation maybe takes over, right? Because that's stuff that happens. Because this is a journey, this growth thing, this stepping into life fired up, fulfilled and free. It's a journey. And we're not going to get it right all the time. Because we're imperfect. And because we're human. And what always brings me back and gives me hope is that I'm loved by someone who is perfect. I'm loved by someone who is consistent. And because I am made in that image, I have this potential to become more consistent, and to move closer to who he's created me to be. And to keep stepping into the work he's calling me to because he's anticipated my failures. He's anticipated those moments where I'm not going to show up in a way that is fully aligned. And that while it's not a permission slip to fall asleep at the wheel is also Freedom, it's freedom to just continue to choose to show up and to give myself grace, because he gives me grace. So if I'm operating from a place of shame spiral, or I'm entering into some sort of a self destructive self sabotaging, poor talk, inner critic, you know, all of that, if I'm entering into that space, that's just me, that's not coming from somewhere that's bigger than me. And we've talked about opportunity cost before, that's not, that's not productive, because it gets in the way of the people that I'm here to serve. And the people, I'm here to be something for that I'm here to inspire that I'm here to give hope to. Because everything is a flow through, okay, and here's where I got real excited this morning. And this got me so back into the space that I love to be in where I feel like I'm connected. And I'm hearing him and he's got something for me. And so here's, here's what showed up. Okay, when I was writing the book, there was this passage in Ezekiel chapter 47, that was given to me by a fellow author, who's in my accountability group, and Elise, and she's like, You need to go read this, like, alright, so when I was reading it, and when we've been talking on the podcast about how we have a path, and there are people that are placed alongside of it. And without us moving down that path, those people don't get the benefit of us, which is actually the benefit of him through us. Okay, that tied into what showed up in my Bible app this morning. And this is where I get all childlike. I'm like, this is fun, right? Faith is fun, y'all faith is fun. Serving this first, the one who believes in me, as the Scripture has said, okay, the Scripture can refer back to and does refer back to probably more than just this one place. But Ezekiel 47, will have streams of living water flow from deep within him, because as Eagle 47 talks about this vision, I think it's a vision of this river flowing out of the temple. And it's this fresh living water, and there are these trees that end up growing alongside of it, and they bear fruit in their leaves never turn brown, and they never die. And is just like this amazing visual for the trees being this is how it landed for me anyway, and how he gave it to me at this point, because everything's layers, okay. But all these trees represent the people who grow because we walk alongside them, the people who grow because we allow him to work through us to get to them to give something to them. A transfer of energy of hope of faith of something. Love, right? So, get to this and like, Ah, it's that, right? It's that and this is the definition of fulfilled, that we have these streams of living water flowing from deep within us. And in one other translation, because comparing translations, because I geek out like that, too. And it's also fun. And I'm not analytical. So it's actually amusing to me that that's fun for me. But we're at a point now in my faith journey, which took me like 36 years ago, where I can actually read the Bible. And I'm like putting pieces together. And it's fascinating. So if you're not there yet, that's okay. It'll come ask for it. But it talks about overflow. And I was like, Oh, snap. There it is. The overflow, that we have these streams of living water that we have this hope we have this love, we have these things that God's equipping with us are clipping in us, putting in us so that we can go and give it to other people from a place of overflow, where we are full and filled. And we can take that fullness and that filling in that overflow and we can give it to other people without us ourselves being drained. So cool. So that's what I'm excited about this week, I'm excited about hope. I am grateful for hope. I am grateful that we are held and that we are his and that he creates the space along our path for us to falter for us to be human. And the world tells us we need to get it right all the time. We need to reach higher we need to meet a standard we need to live up to an expectation. And there's nothing wrong with us reaching and growing and trying to reach a standard. But it's this question of whose standard What is the standard? have we chosen it? Is it our story? Or is it someone else's story? Is it someone else's expectation? Is it something that our Father who loves us perfectly always say to my kids, like i No matter where you go, or what you do, I will love you, and you will be mine? And get that kind of love? Is it something that he's created for us? Or is it something that we've latched on to that was never meant to be ours? We're going to put on our horse blinders. Okay, we are going to cut it out with a comparison and start asking the question, start tuning in and asking the question, okay, what is it you have for me? What is it you want, because those things will bring us joy and fulfillment. Those things are what is going to give us hope. There is this misconception, and I lived in this for so long of if I step into this, God calling, quote, unquote, if I step into that space, I'm gonna have to like give up everything, I'm going to have to be poor and go live in like some other country and give up everything, and it's going to be awful. And I'm going to be miserable. Okay, look, having stepped into what it is, he calls me to, I'm going to just give you a flag waving over here from the other side of that, for those of you who are like, and yeah, that's scary. It's actually amazing. And he hasn't asked me and I don't know what your journey is going to be right. But he has not asked me to give up everything. He's not asked me to move my family to some remote location. One of my favorite passages is about, we pray for you continually that the Lord will make you worthy of life. He's called you to Jesus, I think, Second Thessalonians 111, which is perfect and pleasing, or something along those lines to him. And I was like, huh, if I made in His image, okay, if I represent characteristics of a God, who is love and grace and justice, do I not think that what he wants for me, will make me happy to, it will be perfect and pleasing? Do I not think that there's a parallel there? Because he's built it for me. He's built it for Juli. He's built your path for you. Full stop. And I think that's something a place for hope and, and that's something to get excited about. And that's where we can start to say like, Hey, faith is fun. It is, it's got its dates, okay, like everything has its days, everything has its cycles, I can in my own way, still. This is not a space of Julie's got it all figured out. And when I come back, just continue with choosing work when I come back and ground myself and my center myself. And I'm like, alright, what are we up to today? Inevitably, he will start to show up. And I believe that he's there and he's showing up all the time. It's just a matter of like, Are my walls up? Or have I brought them down enough that I can actually hear him? So as we head into Christmas, and as we head into a season of the year where people are always looking at 2022? Not always but you know, you know what I mean? Let's not lose sight of there still 2021 left, let's not lose sight of nothing magically changes when the clock ticks over on December 31. And we start attaching a two to the end of our dates instead of a one. There's something that is for you now. There's something that is for you that will exist now and into 2022. And your job is to go find it. So until next time, get curious about what fulfilled an overflow looks like for you. I'd love to hear I hope this episode triggered something in you and got you thinking about your next growth curve. Make sure to check out the show notes for more details and links to resources or people that we've mentioned today. And make sure you hit follow or subscribe and if you have a hot minute will leave an awesome review. I would be so beyond grateful. Until next time, be too much. I dare you