Becoming Ourselves - The Podcast

Finding My Calling with Erin Best

August 04, 2021 Juli Wenger Season 1 Episode 54
Becoming Ourselves - The Podcast
Finding My Calling with Erin Best
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This week I chat with my super fun  friend (who I know from my former real estate life), Erin Best, about her story of TRANSITION.  Join me to hear how she's navigating change to find her true passion and self.

Erin has been a licensed realtor for 7.5 years and recently moved to Kitimat, British Columbia in 2019.   She more recently launched an entrepreneurial focused marketing company named Queen Bee Social.  She specializes in helping start-ups and small businesses with targeted copywriting content for Social Media.  She is married to her husband Paul and has two children, Sean and Harper.   When she's not creating you can find her hiking and spending time outdoors with her family or walking her two dogs, Charlie & Goose. 


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Welcome to the becoming ourselves podcast where we believe that you were created on purpose with purpose and for a purpose. I'm Juli Wenger, an empowerment and identity coach and enneagram two committed to helping you step out of overwhelm perfectionism and self sabotage, listening to learn how to take back your power, uncover the stories and patterns that keep you small, and lean in to living your most powerful, purposeful and passionate life. Let's dive in. Today on the podcast, we are joined by an extremely good friend of mine, Aaron bast Aaron and I both sold real estate in Edmonton back in the day, also known as like a year and a half ago. And we have both gone through some pretty major transitions in terms of locations slash career slash calling, slash clarity, all of that. So we're gonna dive into that today. Because I really believe you're gonna see yourself in her story. We're here with Aaron. Hey, Julie. And like in all transparency, this is the second time that Aaron and I have recorded this interview. How mortifying, we have her three washes washing her window last time, and I didn't know they were coming. And I couldn't bail ship, I couldn't leave the house because they were washing our front door. So I couldn't go, it was the funniest thing. But I love how we both are in a space where like, you know what, whatever, we get to hang out extra and everything is for us. So it's actually fine. But there is nothing like recording a podcast interview and then we're in the background. So just throwing that out there for everyone's amusement. Exactly, yeah. Anyway. Okay, so Aaron, and I go kind of sort of way back because we both sold real estate Edmonton at the same time. And what's been really cool. And why I wanted to bring her on is that we've both gone through some pretty major transitions in terms of, you know, career and passion and calling and our journey back to ourselves, figuring out what lights us up. So let's take people through a little bit of that journey of you're selling peep or you're selling real estate in Edmonton and hubby Paul's job gets moved. And you have this really cool opportunity for the family to all be together totally. So that this is this is the catalyst, right, the catalyst moment where we really took a look at what was important to our family. And our children were at that age where they kind of needed both parents home, right, like, there comes an age where, you know, boy needs dad and being 10 and four, or nine and five, just doesn't fly anymore. So after realigning our values and our core needs and all of that kind of stuff as a family, we opted to take that opportunity to move to kitimat. So now we're in kitimat, British Columbia, I transferred my license to sell real estate over here. We've been here since 2019. And, you know, I don't think that we really understand how much it takes to relaunch a real estate business. Right? For starters, I'm old, you know, hat, like, I'm not new to the industry. But relaunching in a community where you don't know anybody is a totally different ballgame than launching your real estate business in a community where you've been living for the last like 510 seven years right there two totally different circumstances. And that's where I have been is growing and learning and trying to do more, where I knew literally one other person other than my husband in this town. And one of the things that I know we've talked about a lot offline is how we ended up sometimes just by default, associating who we are to success in business or to who we are as in that old example for both of us who am i is a realtor who is Aaron as a realtor, how do we define ourselves as Hi, I'm Julie, I'm in real estate, and we lose sight of that's not actually who we are. It's just something that we give our time and our energy to, but shift into new space, you know, for you new market for me, like completely different career. And it's kind of like okay, how do I define myself now? Totally, you know, and it's been a really long process of, you know, really identifying these things that it's not just Aaron the realtor, right? I happen to have a realtors license, but I'm also a mother of two beautiful children who bring me so much joy. You know, I've got an awesome husband who supports All of my endeavors and knows how to deal with like my crazy. You know, there's the boring one, the crazy one in the marriage, I'm the crazy one, you know, where no, yes. But like, to kind of really detach ourselves from what we do, and not have that put so much weight on who we are as human beings, right. And I've actually really learned a lot about what I love doing in the real estate market, which is the marketing component of it. I love coming up with, you know, the really vulnerable, kind of authentic posting that you see on my pages, right? I love coming up with the messaging, I love coming up with, you know, the ideas on how to market and, you know, create those voices, so people can relate to it. And I think that's something that's really missing from the real estate market as a whole. You know, for many, many people, I think it's turning, I think it's changing, but I think, you know, we see so many people saying just listed just sold, and I'm like, No, we're gonna do something just a little bit different. And that has really woken up something far bigger than just real estate for me, and my love of marketing and my love of creating and my level of holding space for, you know, other people who don't really know where they want to go, but they have an idea of where they're starting. So it's really led me to kind of launch a bit of a hustle where we help small businesses and startups do the same thing that I just did for my real estate business over the last two years. It's been incredible. Yeah, well, it's like you're calling it kind of snuck up on you. Right? Yeah, finding this alignment with these new outlets or new ways of doing things. And then within that, it's like, oh, what if I took this and I applied it somewhere else. And I often make this connection when I think about partial alignment versus like, a complete alignment with the work we're doing. Because when I was selling real estate, and we talked about this in that masterclass, you're in on with me, it's like, there was some alignment, right, I knew I wanted to help people. And it was doing that. And I knew I wanted to give back. And it was doing that. And I'd found ways to infuse myself and my way of being and my values and priorities into that space. But the question became, is that the most like playing big, best version of me living my calling, and using my gifts and my skills and my abilities, and that's what I've seen, that's been shifting for you over the last like, year and a half, you totally, you know, I feel now you know, I can call myself a marketer, before I call myself a realtor, you know, like, I happen to have a realtors license that lets me market your home, right? Because you need that. But, you know, to be able to help other people get to their potential and find their voice and really dig deep and get clarity on what kind of mission that they're on. That part is really awesome to be a part of. So that's what we're doing right now is, you know, I'm helping my clients sell their homes, but I'm also helping my other clients, find their voice, find their niche markets, helps them tweak, you know, what they want to be saying on all their different social media platforms. And it's been really a lot of fun. Let's talk about the personal side, because often we think about no calling and purpose, but it's all founded in this question of who am I and hence becoming ourselves? Right. So how have you been becoming more you? And how has that impacted this journey towards living a life that's more aligned with your calling? Totally? That's a really great question. Julian, I think there's a lot of us out there who think back to how we were as kids, and how we were as our younger versions of ourselves. And, you know, when we were in particular, like up to the age of 10, you know, what were you like, you know, I was the kid who tried and did and, you know, didn't listen to the people who told me I couldn't do something, you know, because I didn't believe them, because I felt like I was capable of everything. And it's kind of come full circle because, you know, we're in a smaller community. You know, To put this in perspective, we're in a community where there's 8500 people, whereas like, you know, the greater Edmonton market was like a million plus, right, so like, it's not even the same market. There's 11 realtors in town. And everyone kept telling me, oh, it's saturated, it saturated, it's saturated. And you know, at the end of the day, I really got sick and tired of hearing people tell me that, and I didn't want to listen to it anymore. And I still don't want to listen to it. It just made me really want to work harder and more relentlessly to up my game to say I did do it and I can do it. Here's how I did it, you know. And so it actually really kind of ignited this, this fire in me that kind of reminds me of like, you know, nine year old Aaron, you know, doing a thing tromping through the woods, you know, building a fort with her brother and, you know, believing that you could do anything and then you know, you're feisty and, and it's, it's come back out again, right? I think a lot of us can also to especially women in business and women in marketing, and women in real estate, can really identify with how much we lose ourselves when we become mothers. And there's a big transition where you know, your mother first. And I still believe that to a certain degree. But now when kind of our kids are at that age where you know, our daughter's five, and our son is 10. And I'm at a point where our children are aging out of that where their needs are the first means, right? I'm at that stage where I get to give it back to myself a little bit more, and really determine, you know, what it is that I want. And, you know, when I first got into real estate, our son was three, and I got into it, because I needed the flexible schedule, and I knew that I didn't want to be a stay at home mom. And you know, I knew I could make good money doing it. And that's what I did. And I think you can probably empathize with that to a certain point to write like, smart women, educated women, you know, but putting ourselves in a position where we're not constantly abandoning, I use quotes here, you know, our children or our family to pursue our own goals. So, I mean, it was a great opportunity for me to do that. And now that the kids are kind of in a different sphere of age, I can sit back and, you know, dig into myself a little bit more, because I had lost myself for so long, right? What do I want? I don't know. I haven't worked out only five years, right? I want to work out again. I'm at my best when I'm happy and healthy. So now I'm gonna go do that, you know? Yeah. It's like relearning to make ourselves a priority. And that's been that's been such a tough part of the journey for me, especially because of how I'm wired, right? And my helper, Emma, everybody else first, all the time. And it's it's reclaiming that it's taking that time back and saying, No, actually, I'm better. When I do show up for me first, I'm better when I do have boundaries, I am better when I'm not letting people step all over me, which is how my real estate career kind of ended, right? Was success, but a whole bunch of energy vampire clients, and some really beautiful humans that I still love. But I was just attracting these people that are like sucking the life out of me, because I let them and then I definitely wasn't there for my kids. And then it's this struggle of Oh, this is supposed to be this flexible job that, you know, I can be present with my children for and the absolute opposite was what I had created. Right. And, you know, I look back on that, and like, you know, maybe I wasn't as busy as I could have been, right, because I do crave more success, again, air quotes, than what I actually had. But at the same token, like, I was really selective with the clients that I did choose to work with, because, you know, my husband was working out of town all the time. And I had to make sure that I was protecting my energy for my children when I was home with them. And, you know, I made it very clear to my clients, and I've transitioned this into the marketing business as well. Like, when I say yes to you, it's because I'm saying no, to my family, right? So if I'm saying yes to the jobs and you know, working dealer, and that's fine, because I love working with clients, but I have to make sure that the people that I work with, are not going to zap my energy. Because, you know, I'm an empath, and I know that you are too, right? And how many times have you brought that shitty client energy home, and it's really hard to leave it at the front door, like touch the door before you come in. And it's hard to do. And I never wanted my business to be that way. And I also never wanted my business to make my kids feel like they didn't have one of us home when they needed us. And so it was a slow growth. But I honestly feel that as a working mother, and as a working female, that's legit the way to go. To make sure that you have the time that you want to do what you want, and work with who you want. But it's tough because when you're just starting out on everything, as you know, you say yes to everybody because you need the money, you're poor, you're broke, you know, what, you start realizing very quickly that you might be money rich, but you start becoming emotionally poor and time poor and, you know, so really, which currency Would you rather have? Right? So I always need to have kind of a balance of both currencies, time, money, emotions, energies, all the rest of that and You know, it worked. And you get to define then what is success to me? And how am I choosing to spend my time? And how am I choosing to spend my energy that's in line with that. And that's I mean, when you're talking about that I'm sitting here and so much gratitude that you had that clarity and built that business in a way where it was really intentional around, am I coming home and being present for my kids? Because there are pieces of that, that looking at my old real estate business, I don't see in myself, it was like, leave it at the door. No, just not capable. And it's been a learning journey to get to that point. And now beyond that point, and to build a new business with a whole new set of boundaries, which is super fun. Right? So it's a hard lesson. Because I remember when we because we were licensed about the same time and I remember like seeing your business and soul jag and I was like, Juli Wenger, like, I fangirled over your success for so long, right? Well, this is the thing and people did. And they're asking me, how do you do it? And I am like an emotional anxious wreck that feels like a horrible mother. That was the behind the scenes that people weren't seeing until I started to talk about it. Yeah, like, no, I like math really well. And I think that's like part of why I'm so passionate about this marketing gig that I now do, because I feel like there is so much more relatability for people when we actually show them, the good, the bad, the ugly and the super ugly. You know, I think that's so important for us to show up on these social media platforms with that intention, because it's not always easy. And it's not always glamorous. And I'm not just going to show you the highlight reel. And I don't want you as my client to just show the highlight reel, right? Like, there's grit in there. And there's not so great moments in there. And there's a lot of self doubt in there. Right. Like, there's a lot of stinking thinking in there that we have to get rid of. And that we have to show people because that's how it is. Yeah. Right. Like that's that right now. That's what my biggest thing is, I have to work on my own stinking thinking is what I call it. Mine. It's rash. Right? on the tracks, man. But it's, it's overcoming what people tell you. There's too many realtors in your community. There's, you know, they're all taking up space in what should be my success? I'm not jealous about this. Yes, you are. Yes, you are. Right. You want what they have? And you know it. But no, no, I, you know, so working through all of these different things. And I think too, right now, in terms of like, what I'm working on is, you know, how many ads Do you see all the time for like social media agencies and, you know, content creator and download this bundle and all that kind of stuff? It's it's a huge part of our culture right now. No question about it. Right. But you know, where I really think that what I do is different is I'm not just going to spoon feed you the templates. We're going down to the core of your business's roots. And we're going to talk about, like, why you're doing what you're doing how you got your start in it, you know, tell me about a time where you had to use courage in your business, right? Because that's the kind of stuff that I feel really resonates with way more people than just a beautifully choreographed, templated Instagram page. It's beautiful. Don't get me wrong, and I love it. And I envy people who can do that. But I am not one of them. I am not one of them. And I don't have a pattern. And I don't have any of that. But what you're going to find when you jump over either to like my queen bee social page, or my real estate page, there's very, very authentic posts in there. And I'm just I'm almost 40 and there is something to be said about almost being 40 Julie, and I think you know it too, right? Like, I don't care anymore. There is something weird about So I turned 37 this year, and there is something weird about that number where it's like, oh man, we're creeping 40 worldly hit me like a ton of bricks like Huh, that's interesting. You know, but it's like, okay, so authenticity. My one of my coaches says authenticity is a gateway to flow. And what I pair that with that I always say is authenticity is where we get our power from. That's where our power lies. And so I'm with you. I love a really beautiful Instagram feed, and I've tried to be that person. I tried. I have like 450 photoshoot brand images, right? Like we could pull that stuff off. But I don't feel like it's authentic and it just doesn't actually get the point across and then it's not who pretty. And it was so funny because I think I told you about this, but I was having a conversation with my buddy Keith. And he was like, Julie, you're tall, you're blonde, and you're skinny. If all you're posting is like perfectly choreographed brand photos, people are going to be intimidated A F, and they're not going to call you and I was like, Oh, shit. I got a ton of they're, they're fantastic reviews on your website, right? Like, totally, and you're you are, you're beautiful and like your warm heart. And the place that you hold for people, when they come to your coaching is like, so good. Right? It's so good. I have to commend you for that. It's beautiful. But it's true. Like, all my posts are like Instagram phone selfies. It's just like a quick selfie. lightnings good, sweet. Post it what's the message behind it? None of them. Like I have a couple of photoshoots. But that's it. And I think be and also willing to put yourself out there where you're not perfect is a lot. Like I always giggle a little bit at like the Tech Talk women who are like, take the pictures of yourself looking down, right? So you can see all your roles, you can see all your chance. Because if you can love yourself at your worst when you feel like you look your worst, then nobody can take that like from you. Right. Mel Robbins post about that last week. Love yourself. angles. I'll go. Chin up. Yes. Right. And then I didn't do it because I'm still working on that. And at the same time, I mean, that's part of the identity journey, right? That's part of detaching from I need to look a certain way, which is in enneagram to feeler always in perception management mode. And I've had to tune that down. So I mean, the fact that we're recording this, I'm not wearing makeup. Like that's normal. For me now is such a phenomenal shift. And like, it's funny, because part of me feels like I need to qualify that. Like if people think that that sounds silly and like no, don't care, I'm just gonna own it. Like for me, who has been super image conscious, and I need to look a certain way to be enough. Because that's always been the story. And that's been the thing have latched on to for my enoughness it's letting that go. That is such an indicator for me of that's a personal win. Point. You know, I'm gonna I want to touch on that too. Right? Like your journey is it's coming along so beautifully. And I observe it and I love it. And I'm still fan girling but I think a big weirdest thing for me to hear ever. I'm just gonna. Yeah, anyway. Yeah, like you keep bringing it to the table. And I'm like Julie's on pine Jones on point. Yeah, yeah. Yep. coaching with Julian got it. Yeah, that's right. But like for me, you know, we talked about like, you know, loving yourself and image and all the rest of it and stop giving a shit about things like that. My biggest pivot point, Julie was actually last year, during like, peak COVID time, right? And, like, okay, you're going to move to a new community. Cool. That's okay. Like, you got this, Aaron, you know how to build a business. You're cool, right? And then a global pandemic rolls in, okay. You know, where's your business, I really used it to harness the message that I wanted to put out there is what I used. But when I really started to feel that where I was that wasn't serving me. And knowing that I needed to change and knowing that I needed to stop playing small and just really lean into the things that I thought people were gonna make fun of, or talk about, or gossip about. I really just started to lean into it a bit more, because once you own it, nobody can do that to you. And that's a really good thing. But the pivoting point for me, honestly, Julie was last June, when everyone was still in lockdown. Our kids never went back to school. I got shingles last year, trying to be daycare worrying about growing my business, being a grade three teacher, being at home all day, every day with the kids for you know, 1015 or not 15 Oh my god, that'd be crazy. But like 10 hours a day when my husband work, right? Like, it was a long haul and my body would like my body literally told me, Aaron, you need to stop what you're doing. This is your sign. And I was like, got it. I'm gonna go down or your body will slow you down. And so yeah, like obviously fixed it. But I was this was my sign. I don't need to wait anymore. I just need to hold a plug. And I need to do and I need to move to where I'm going to grow. And I did. And that's how it went and I never looked back and it's been beautiful. People don't realize this. Like your body has such wisdom built into it. It knows and When we're not listening, and we're not slowing down, we're not tuning in it will yell at you, like, hard restart. Totally. Absolutely. Yeah. So and it was kind of just all of that manifested. But of course, like I think, you know, my biggest fear is of course fear. It's fear of rejection. It's fear of failure. It's tween girl Aaron, right? nine year old Aaron's very fierce and in your face, right tween girl is very, very anxious, and desperate to fit in. She's so desperate to fit in. And that fear of failure and that fear of not getting new clients and all of those fears. That's what stopped me from launching marketing, you know, to really dig into it, and like, put myself out there for it because I didn't want to fail. And oh, what if people think I'm dumb? You know, are you doing this? Because you're not going to real estate? Like, why are you doing that? And it's none of the above. It's because I love real estate. I love the marketing component of it. But I also love marketing, full stop. And I'm good at it. So I love about what you just said, is that's the ego that shows up, right? We have this dream, you find this calling you find this alignment. And then it's like inner critic and ego going like, hold on, we don't want you to change too much, because that's scary. And we don't do change. Well, so let's throw all these stories at you that trigger this, like fear of what if I'm judged? What if I'm not enough? Yeah. And I mean, you know that those are so similar to a lot of my narratives. I mean, that's what's been so fun about our journey and going on this journey together, right, is we get it? Like I get you. Yeah, you get me I could talk about how it's like, I had to work through that. Okay, well, what if people judge me? What if people think like, what the hell you're coaching? You've been selling real estate for 10 years? Like, why would I pay you money back that okay, well, then they're not my people. You know, but not many people are actively processing that getting curious about it and working at it, and essentially leaning into it, so I could move through it and not bypass and it's been you know, that same story for you of saying, Okay, I'm going to acknowledge that and then what what am I choosing to do anyway? Exactly, so right right. Like I said, I just I market now I market myself I market my clients properties, I market small businesses, like what do you need marketed, right, because there's the formula at the root of every business is, you know, foundation. And that's when I'm helping you build more so through storytelling, and then I can help you craft those messages and, you know, all the rest of that kind of stuff. And it just, it just comes really easily and it's something that I really love telling, right How can I tell your story for you? And I get it good copywriters are expensive. So you know, here's a program that's going to make it more affordable for you when, when you need done and, and I think that's something that, you know, we need to understand is that it's just not like a one stop service, right? It's not like a one time thing, like, I'm going to help you, you know, journey, your business growth. And you know, what you need in six months isn't going to be what you needed, when you first got in contact with me, right? Everything is just follow up and follow through and grows and change and all the things that you help to write but, you know, kind of from a business point on a social media quality evolve, and we change and our businesses pivot and we get more clarity and, and honestly, too, I mean, there are reasons to hire things out. From a business perspective. You know, my natural gifts and abilities are not necessarily in concise copywriting. Yeah, if I really work at it, I can do that. And I mean, it's, I think a lot of what I share in a lot of what you share is so personal, I still enjoy that it's me, but you've been so helpful with me and figuring out what do I even talk about, right? And I think that I look at my business, actually, this was a, you know, a message I got last week loud and clear cosmic to buy for to the head, right? delegate, right Gal legate. Because I've had an assistant for like six years, and then Sophie shifts out. And I'm like, well just sit with it for a bit. And you know, we'll see how much do I actually need? Who do I need? What do I need. And I didn't entirely realize until about a week and a half ago, I shifted into do it all yourself mode. And when we shift into do it all ourselves mode, we shift out of CEO mode. So you know, here I am just kind of like making do for a while and doing invoicing, which is not my jam. And looking at doing podcast editing myself, which is not the highest and best use of my time. And I'm like, Okay, hold on full stop on the rail. And this is where we take massive action. And now there's a podcast editor, and there is a virtual assistant. And it's like, okay, what's the next thing? What are the systems we need to put in place? What are the foundations we need to build? But it's so fascinating because I was defaulting to like, almost give too much stuff to the US. assistance, which is a great place to be to have that kind of support. And then I was on this call with his VA. And I'm like, I don't know if I know what to do, which is totally my ego self protective showing up, right? Anytime there's like, I don't know, it was so funny. And I'm like, Alright, then we got off the call. I was like, Oh, yeah, she could do this, and this and this. And this. It's like my brain turned back on. But we can't carry all of the things. Exactly. And I love that you said that that CEO mindset, right, like, you know, you cannot put on all your hats, and expect your business to flow, right? The second you start doing things that aren't in your zone of genius are the things that you don't let actively love doing. Or the things that don't bring in the most money for you. You hate those, and you start resenting your business and you stop loving your business. And you're like, Oh, I don't want to do this turns into overwhelm and burnout pretty quick. Yeah, exactly. And so, right, like, if you're not good at crafting a message, hire that out, right? You know, my, I'm not trying to be someone else's voice. I'm trying to be your voice. I'm not trying to be my voice as you do you know what I mean? Like when I when I take on clients, that's not how it is. Right? So you know, you get together and you learn to speak, and you learn the isms, and you learn all those things. So that way, when you post, you know, especially those authentic messages, it's that person. And I think that's very important that working together, it's still a partnership, I think, and at the same time, and I said that even when Sophie was here, like, here's the content, here's the concept, I'll put something together, let's see how it lands, that we can give enough insight into something that ideally is still pretty personal, but that it can actually be more effective than if we do it ourselves. Right. And I mean, I, I have lots of clients for like, I just, I'm not a writer, which partly is the identification statement of I am not, so you're going to go find proof of that. But it's also like, what's the other resistance that showing up? And is that something that you even need to expect of yourself? Right, get clear on what are the things that I need to do in my business? Like, if I'm not serving active clients, finding new ones recording the podcast, because that has to be me, but I don't have to do the rest of it. You know, and doing some social media stuff. And like, it's not mine? No. Yeah, I don't think it has to be all one person's either, right? Like when you're growing and you're building, you definitely need a team who is working towards your collective vision. Right? And definitely have to be like right now, you know, for for me in what I'm seeing, it's not staff, it doesn't have to be staff. It's Who are we surrounding ourselves with that supplement our abilities with their abilities? And realistically, like, let's just call a spade a spade, we're not meant to run these things by ourselves. We are not put on this earth to do things. So low game, we're built for community. Yeah, absolutely. Right. And that's the funny thing about social media and everything, too, is that, you know, you can create a community without actually having met the people face to face. Right. And, like, I love it. And you know, I've made friends over Facebook and Instagram over the last year, and we still have yet to meet. But I'm like, Yeah, I know, you. You know. And it's cool. It's super cool. It's been such a blessing of the time that we live in that COVID happens now and not you know, even 10 years ago, because it really do look at and it's funny, you know, even podcast recordings, I've had a lot of you know, friends on the podcast, and there's a lot of them that I'm introducing as Oh, I met so and so on clubhouse last year. Oh, I met so and so on Instagram, I met so and so on. And a whole bunch of people that are not local, and it's beautiful. The world is shrinking. Totally. Right. It's a global community. I don't care what you think I don't and I just think it's so important for that. Right. And I think that's once you start shifting that thought process, you really stop relying on your local market, you know, to supply where you want to go, right? Oh, I can look everywhere. Cool. Okay, I like this. And that's a good thing. Yeah. So as you're looking at the next year, what are you excited about? And what are you working on that still gets in your way? I'm I'm excited to I'm excited to reach more people with my message. I'm excited to open up our services to more people. Like I'm excited to just help more people and want more people like to come join this hive, you know, of Queen Bee social that I'm developing. The thing that gets in my way is myself and still feeling that what if this fails is still part of it, but I don't think it will. Right. It's still just it's, it's a little bit smaller fear right now. And then the other thing too is believing that I actually know more than I think I do in terms of how to help people. That's what's getting in my way. I'm like looking around, like, what all these other like, you know, agencies are doing. And I'm like, I do that too. Okay. All right. I do know what I'm doing. But it's that little, little voice in my head, but like, you're not as good as them. You're not as polished as them. And that's what I'm working through via Am I enough? Yeah, definitely. Definitely. And I think I no doubt in my core that I am. But I'm not singing it on the mountaintops yet. And I need to be able to sing that quiet. It's a quiet little whisper right now. What do you think? What do you think would have to change but what you believe about you to go sing it from the mountaintops, the results, I feel like I need to work with a client from start to finish. And then I can be like, Yeah, I did it. Cool. That's what I need for my own, like, personal. It's like, you know, when you first get your realtors license, and you're like, Can I do it? I don't know. And then you complete your first transaction. And then when okay. And you're like, Okay, I can't do this. Cool, you know, and it makes it exponentially easier to do it again. All right. Well, any last thoughts? I don't think so. But I think you know, if we if we have to leave a message with any of the listeners here, Julie, is just get started. Get Started. And get rid of your own stinking thinking. we dispose of the mind trash around here. Yeah, exactly. Love it, like no ego. We're not doing that today. And I mean, exactly. I would say with that, that imposter syndrome will show up consistently every time we're going up level. So we can learn to recognize it. We can learn to acknowledge it and then just choose to keep taking those little steps anyway, we move through it. And before we know it, we're at that point of like, Okay, did it start to finish? See cool. What's next? Yeah. Where's that? Exactly. So yeah, that's where we're at. Well, thanks for hopping on with me again. And no problem. Everything happens for a reason. So I'm glad that we could do this. I'm glad we could have this chat. Julia. Thanks for making the space for me today. It's a pleasure, always and continue until next time. This is for all of you know that you are love, joy, strength and grace. You're always enough sending you all my love and virtual hugs. And if you have a hot second, jump over and make sure to rate the podcast so that we can reach more amazing humans like you. Bye for now.