Becoming Ourselves - The Podcast

Elevate with Jocelyn Davison

June 30, 2021 Juli Wenger Season 1 Episode 49
Becoming Ourselves - The Podcast
Elevate with Jocelyn Davison
Show Notes

We're hanging out with an impact driven power-house who I'm also blessed to call a friend - Jocelyn Davison.  We're leaning into conversation around coping with change,  ethical storytelling, and making a meaningful difference with issues like mental health and human trafficking. Buckle up!

Jocelyn Davison, founder of The Virtual Effect, an event planning company in Edmonton, curates connection and impact through meaningful events. Through her work with clients, she creates event experiences that weave seamlessly into their brand and client connections. Jocelyn runs her own series of events called Elevate, in which she creates opportunities for real connection and education on significant world issues through her Impact Events. Her heart lays in giving back to the community, working with people who are making an impact, and creating real relationships.

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