Becoming Ourselves - The Podcast

From Author to Authority - It's Book Launch Day!

July 20, 2022 Season 4 Episode 18
Becoming Ourselves - The Podcast
From Author to Authority - It's Book Launch Day!
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It's Launch Day! It's finally here! This week we're diving into the final stretch of this process, and I'm sharing what this book is all about, plus I'm giving you a sneak peak of Chapter One!

PS The link to get your copy is below!

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Juli Wenger:

Welcome to becoming ourselves, the podcast, where we help you answer the questions Who Am I? And why am I here. And then we help you get out of your own way because the world is waiting for you to show up and own your power. You have been placed on this earth for purpose, with purpose and on purpose by a God who loves you fiercely. And he has called you to something that has been specifically created for you right now. I'm Juli Wenger. I'm a coach and author, speaker and Enneagram teacher, a Jesus lover and an entrepreneur that rocks ADHD. I am passionate about helping you step into the life you've called to, that something you know is possible, but haven't been able to reach. So buckle up, because it's not always an easy ride. But on the other side, is a life that is fired up to filled. Let's go. Welcome to becoming ourselves the podcast on what shall henceforth be known as book launch day. It is July 20 2022, as its releases right now I'm recording it five days prior to book launch. And oh, my goodness, I am holding a physical copy of the book in my hand. I'm not freaking out at all, or like running around the house and showing everybody that it's a real book. Yeah, other people do that. But clearly, I don't. I mean, I do. Yeah, I do. It's been it's been hilarious, frankly. And yesterday, so I will walk you through the process because we're still in this whole author to authority thing. Yesterday, the book shows up. And there's this Amazon bag on the front step. And I'm like, oh, and we, you know, video, the kids helping me open the bag and Jackson refuse to wear pants, but he's for like, real life is happening. And I was like, oh, that's real. And Kennedy says, Is this my version? Is this my coffee? Because I told her she could have the first sign copy. And I was like, yes, maybe this will be your copy. But I need it for a couple of days. And I pulled it out. And it was like this weird thing because I've seen other authors do these unboxings. Right. And I see them cry or like weepy or they're so emotional. And I was like, Okay, let me see. Like, let me make sure it's okay. And that was a level of emotion. Like, I'm excited. It's here, but I need to make sure it's okay. Because it has been, at least this is why I think because, okay, because it has been such a process with so many bumps, that I was like, Can I get my hopes up? Can I. So here's the scoop. Okay, the inside looks so good. So good. I am like over the moon with how it turned out. And all of the fighting for really specific design and all of that like that was worth it and the outside. So remember how we did these episodes on like cover design and stuff? Well, the cover design is amazing. And the team at Anthem creative did did a phenomenal job of designing this thing. And so there's a couple of challenges, though, which is that after they designed it, it had to go to the publishing company and then the publishing company needed to upload it and it needed to get whatever tweaks so that Amazon would approve it. So when it showed up, the whole front cover is slightly off centered on like, so I'm a design junkie right now I have a type one wing on the Enneagram, which is perfectionism, I see errors like, boom right now. And so it's like and it took the wind out of my sails to be totally honest. And then I looked at the spine, and the name of the book and my name on the spine are so small, okay, like so small and not centered height wise in the width of the spine, like just little things that I look at and I'm like, but how how does that happen? And so I spent a whole bunch of time not because, you know, I don't have designers that can fix this for me but because I wanted to see if I can fix it myself. Downloading Photoshop, which I haven't used in years, but I used a lot and fixing it and uploading. Not kidding you 30 tene different versions. Before I landed where I needed to land on Amazon, this was not an example of Julie doing what's in her highest and best, but it is an example of Julie going, I need to get this fixed because the book is soft launched and people can buy it. And we sold a couple copies, thankfully to people I know. So that they get that this is still like a process. But oh my goodness, I just about like, just about lost it is so anyway, right now where we're at on this Friday, July, the 15th is waiting for Amazon to approve the new cover file, which should be fine and which I have measured at nauseam. Okay? To make sure that to the best of my ability, it looks good. Because like we've talked about before, it is so so so important that a book looks like it takes itself seriously. Right like that we've put the time and the effort and everything in and like when I look at this cover right now. It's something that just like, it's triggered in me, it's like, well, why wouldn't you just spend the time getting that, right. And if I saw something that was off like that on a shelf, I might not buy it, let's be real. So that's what's happening there. And it was set to glossy, which we're gonna get rid of. And Amazon's Interesting, okay, because Amazon's print quality. And I'm hoping this is just a gloss thing. But the print quality is like slightly pixely. And I'm hoping that when we get into the matte version of things, that that changes. Now, the book cover does have some texture on it, but I can see, when I'm looking at things like the headshot that's on the back of the book, it's it's obviously not quite. It's not quite there. So anyway, that's what's happening on that frame. Now, here's where we're gonna go next. Because that was a whole lot of rambling and filling you in on what has been happening. And all of the behind the scenes. Today is launch day. And today is a day that is so much bigger than I ever anticipated it would be, when I started this project, I thought this was going to be something that's like, okay, that's another project, we wrap that up. And now I'm an author and like onwards, what's next. And I've been realizing over the last couple of weeks, as we've been finalizing this whole thing. And as I have been hitting major roadblocks, okay, like, enemy attack level roadblocks, that this is actually huge. This is like getting married, have a baby walk away from my half a million dollar year business big. And so I am going to ask you to be part of this with me. And whether you're listening to this on launch day, or you're listening to this a month later, or two years later, the book is here to make an impact. And the book is here, because it's a god project. And because there are people who are assigned to it. So if you're listening to this, it's because you were supposed to be listening to this. Because there is an opportunity for you to create change, either in your own life or in the life of someone around you. So first thing to do, go buy the book, okay, go to Amazon search fired up, fulfilled and free. Or there's links in the show notes. Number to tell a friend about it. And here's what you need to understand about this book. Okay, so the subtitle is know who you are, get out of your own way and live your purpose. And these are the key pieces, but there are so many threads that filter into those. When we're talking about identity, there's a lot of things that we need to understand first, and I want to give you some groundwork, and then we're going to do a wee little bit of pre read because we can't. So we need to first get ourselves to a place where we have the capacity and the context to be able to understand who we are. And to do that we get to not have to get to okay coach language, call it language police sometimes, but the necessary steps are to deal with fear to deal with what if I'm not enough to deal with what if I'm too much to understand how is our ego wired? And how does that subconscious us try to keep us safe and the same? And how is that driving all of these expectations that we've attached to as this is who I need to be and this is how I need to show up. And this is the kind of success I need to chase because all of that if we can detach from that that's what allows us to start to read Define and be available to an understanding of who we are. And the getting out of our own way is taking all of that stuff and actually creating tools, and habits and accountability and changes to the way that we think. Okay, Romans 12. Two, do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by, I'm going to paraphrase here because I always do by allowing God to renew the renewing your mind, change the way you think, like multiple versions, but I love to change the way you think thing because thinking, turns into stories, turns into feelings turns into behavior patterns, and then you have a way that you show up. So if we're going to change the way we show up, change the way that our ego defaults us into pre existing behavior patterns, we have to go back to the root of it was just changing how we think it's developing new context. So we work through this whole identity thing of answering the question, Who am I? Like, really, outside of all the boxes and the roles and the titles? Who am I? And then we get to look at, based on that, that giving us a lens helping us filter life down helping us see, okay, what's aligned with us and what's not? How do I show up more like this, which is representation of who God is in me and how I represent Him, that allows us to start to create a solid understanding of then what is my purpose? What is it that I'm called to. And if we don't understand that, we can't move forward, we can't live out our purpose, because we're functioning directionless. Because we're trying to create our own plans and do things our own way. And like hand up over here, I have learned the hard way over and over and over and over and over and over again, that that doesn't work very well. So if there's someone in your life, that is stuck in fear, or stuck in overwhelm, or knows that there's something more for them in this life, and what they're experiencing, but they just can't seem to get there. Or they know that there's something and they can see what it is. But they're just in their own way. And they're stuck in there. They're scared, people who are feeling generally fulfilled, and they think they're supposed to be happy, and they're supposed to be grateful, but they don't want what they have sent those people to this book. And it's not about and I always come back to this, but it's not about me, okay, this is not about Julie, the author and selling books and making a whole bunch of money this is about God gave me an assignment. Because there are people who need to know and understand what is here. And it's digestible. And it's broken down. And as much as I wanted to write a book that was like, you know, an epic, long novel, whatever it like, this is a book that is digestible, and a book that is not going to take you like 62 hours to read. This is not like a Barack Obama memoir, that literally the audiobook is 18 hours. This is something that you can work through. This is something that you can walk through. And it's something that may or may not require accountability, it might be something that you read it and you get a new way of thinking about it. And you know, God works on you and you lead them. And you experience transformation, it may be that you need more accountability, and stay tuned, because we've got some things that he's telling me to go do next. That will support you in that. And in the meantime, go get the book. Okay, like pause this, we'll wait, go by the book. See waiting? Waiting. Okay, so hopefully you went and you did that. And once you've bought it, the other ask I have for you is to drop a review into Amazon, because like we talked about on the Amazon algorithms episode, it really makes a difference in helping this thing and get out in front of the people that need it. So with all that said, I am going to read you let's see what part I'm in random page flip mode, but I feel like I'm supposed to read you the beginning. Okay, so here we go. Chapter One, the journey, part one calling you up. Quote, belonging doesn't come from outside of you. It's an inside job and quote, this book is a call a shout from the rooftops an invitation. The words you're about to read have been lovingly written for you to shake you out of your settling to shake you out of your commitment. Meant to not enoughness to shake you out of your need for certainty to remind you who you are, and to help you get clear on why you're here. I've been in that place of not knowing, wondering if the life I was living mattered. And if all the hard work I was putting into building it was worth the effort. I have lived in the illusion that I was defined by my achievements, certifications and training, titles and roles. My life was defined by shrinking and playing small, merging with other people's opinions and shoulds, waiting for perfect and hiding my light. I spent so long, not allowing myself to show up or shine because I was scared of not being enough. I was scared of being rejected. I was scared of being unlovable. I spent so much of my life searching for affirmation outside of myself searching for belonging. And in that search, I lost who I was, when we lose who we are, we belong. Nowhere. Little did I know, the only reason I didn't belong somewhere was because I was so caught up in my belief that I wasn't enough that I didn't allow myself to belong. I didn't believe I was worthy. So I actively created not belonging, I blocked it. I was looking for my needs to be met outside of myself, I was looking to others to tell me that I was enough. I was looking to others to tell me that I was lovable. But even if they did, I couldn't receive it. Here's the hard truth. Belonging doesn't come from outside of you. It's an inside job. And the work is to understand and accept that belonging exists in the relationship with a God who created you to belong to him. A father who says hey, I've got you. Don't you trust me yet? Haven't I always shown up for you and had your back. He's a God inviting you to go on one wild and crazy ride back to who you are. He's inviting you into a life beyond fear, into a fired up fulfilled and free life. You're reading this book because he's calling you to it. It's time to get out of your own way. It's time to learn what He has planned for you. It's time to stop hiding. It's time for faith. And it's time to give an honest answer to the question. Do you trust me yet? Maybe it's a no. Maybe it's that you want to or you know, you should. But if you're really owning where you stand, the answer is not yet. Or sometimes, or that depends, or in learning to, regardless of where you are in this journey of trusting Him, you are being called back to yourself called to be an authentic, powerful, bold and unapologetic you. Welcome to the journey, my love's let go of the idea that it's going to be smooth sailing from here on out. You're going to battle. It's your moment to face fear. It's your moment to let go of old patterns that no longer serve you. It's time to step into the power placed in you and create the impact in this world that only you can. It's time for courage, confidence and clarity. And I'm here to hold your hand as you step through fear, to live in the freedom that is your birthright, as a child of God. Are you ready for his call? Repeat after me. I am here on purpose with purpose and for purpose. I am wrapped in strength and might and power I will not be burned by the fire because in me is God and He is the ultimate all consuming fire. I will be light in the night I have been given power and authority greater than what is in this world. I claim Joy, I claim peace. I claim wholeness, I laugh in the face of fear. I am created for a moment such as this, this exact moment and I will not be moved. The column my life is greater than I can imagine controller plan on my own. And I allow myself to surrender to the beautiful plan of a God who loves me fiercely. It's go time. And that concludes our reading of chapter one part one of fired up fulfilled and free. All silliness aside though. Go buy the book. Trust me, you will be transformed not because of me not because of my words, but because of how he has spoken through me and creating this thing. This is not my book. This is God's book. And it is my hope for you and my hope for the people in your life and your community that you will lean in and that you will stay curious and that you will explore what it looks like for you to live fired up fulfilled and free. All my love and Virtual hugs. I hope this episode stirred something up in you or gave you some hope. Until next time, know that you are enough that everything in you that has been placed in you has been put there to help you Carry out the calling that is on your life. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please please please hop into wherever you listen to podcasts and leave a positive review for us. And then the links that we mentioned during the episode will be in your show notes. So make sure to check those out too. Until next time, be love. Be joy. Be strong and courageous and be too much. I dare you