Becoming Ourselves - The Podcast

From Author to Authority - Fear to Freedom

July 13, 2022 Season 4 Episode 17
Becoming Ourselves - The Podcast
From Author to Authority - Fear to Freedom
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When we follow God's call and do the BIG things that he has asked us to do, we will experience fear. If you're walking through fear, it doesn't mean you're doing it wrong, it just means you have an opportunity to grow! This week I'm sharing my experience and my tips for walking through fear.

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Juli Wenger:

Welcome to becoming ourselves, the podcast, where we help you answer the questions Who Am I? And why am I here. And then we help you get out of your own way because the world is waiting for you to show up and own your power. You have been placed on this earth for purpose, with purpose and on purpose by a God who loves you fiercely. And he has called you to something that has been specifically created for you right now. I'm Juli Wenger, I'm a coach and author, speaker and Enneagram teacher, a Jesus lover and an entrepreneur that rocks ADHD, I am passionate about helping you step into the life you've called to, that something you know is possible, but haven't been able to reach. So buckle up, because it's not always an easy ride. But on the other side, is a life that is fired up to fill. Let's go. So this week on the podcast, we're going to have a conversation about fear. And for those of you who have been following along for a while, yes, we're still in the author do authority series. And we are as this rolls out a week out from lunch. I hope we are two weeks out as I'm recording this. And it's been a roller coaster. So we're going to step out of some of the process, partly because I'm still waiting for the process and pieces of it. So I don't have a lot to add from last week. And because what is actually underneath is so much more interesting. So let's talk about the goods and the bads. And the exciting things and the celebrations and the crap. Okay, so here's what's good. What's good is that we're building a launch team. And I just targeted 100 people. And I think we're about 60. And it is on my list tomorrow to like hit that and go, you know, message people and talk to people and ask people for help, which is not the most natural thing for me as an Enneagram. To accept that I see this book not as for me, but as for the people it's assigned to so it's still kind of for people. Anyway, I digress. Add moments. The good is that people are saying yes, the good is that people are excited. And that there are humans in my circle, that I'm not super, super close to that I've asked about this that are so excited about this book coming out and the people they can send it to and the impact that it's going to make. And so that's really reassuring to me. And what also is good is that we're actually in this space of almost being through it, of the book will actually be published in the next couple of weeks. It'll be done. And I get to be careful to celebrate that and not just skip over into Okay, well now that that's done, I get to build out the course that accompanies it for the people who need more support, and then get to build out the workbook style journal that I have in my head that I'm pretty sure God is saying do after you do the course. And in the meantime, we're going to record the audiobook. And, and and next. Hello three wing, okay? The achiever next achiever achieve achieve achieve that is default. It's saying no, hold up, slow down. Let's be in this. Let's hang out here. Let's celebrate this. Let's thank God for it because there ain't no way that this would have happened on my own. Just know. And so there is a lot that's good. And fear is showing up. Because when you do something that's big like this, and I don't think I realized until the last week or so how big this is. I don't like to run the risk of seeming egotistical. That's not something that I value. And sometimes I move so much in the opposite direction that I don't celebrate the things that are big. And so this is huge. Okay, this is a defining moment in my life. This is something that has had so much of my time and my energy put into it. This is like having a kid shutting down my last business and just straight up walking away, getting married like it's that level of big and unlike some of the other big things in my life, this has so much potential for God to work through it and flow through to people that need this, that need the context and the clarity on who am I and why am I here? And how do I live that out? Without the self sabotage? How do we move from fear into a life that is characterized by freedom, because that's the work and that's what we're doing. And with the bigness, comes the fear, all of your crap comes up with something like this, all of it. And it's been coming up through the whole process. And there's been such growth and such awareness and such new perspective. But it continues. And it continues, because some of that is really deeply rooted. And it continues, because my ego has a death grip on some things it has yet to completely let go of. And some of the things that it has a death grip on are things like a fear of being judged. Which links over to what if it fails? What if it doesn't do what I hope it? Well? What if I put goals and targets out there? And I don't hit them? How will people perceive me? And then there's also this, I don't want to disappoint anybody. And I want to help people. And like, what if I'm just not enough, and my network isn't big enough? And my people don't show up enough not actually like saying that for any of you who are listening to this. But you know, like the the ego that four year old that runs around and tries to keep us safe. Those are the stories that's trying to feed me. What if you've invested over $14,000 plus the opportunity cost of all of your time into this process? And like time and time, it's more time, okay. And then it doesn't go anywhere. That is the stuff that's showing up. And it's kind of interesting, because it's not impostor syndrome, in terms of like, who wants to listen to you, because I know that the messaging is bigger than me. And I know that it will create impact, but there's still this fear of judgment and failure and disappointing people. And, you know, the people pleasing shows up. Well, how do we make sure that people are happy? How do I make sure that they're healthy? How do I make sure they're whole? How do I? And not even all of these stories make sense, right. And then there's a control thing. Control thing, Oh, my goodness, there's so much I cannot control in this process. Given that I am not fully self publishing, there are a number of pieces in this process that are out of my hands. And I think the reality is that we often control so much less than we think we do anyway. The reality is that things can change. And we have to pivot and move and things we thought we were in control of the rug gets pulled. And we saw that over the last two and a half years, very, very clearly. But I still have this attachment that shows up to, but I need to control the timelines. And it is two weeks out plus a day right now. And I don't have a physical copy in my hands. So over the weekend, even though it's independence day in the States, and I know they're going to be closed for a day. I'm like having this anxiety building in my body like, but I just want to know that the formatting is done. Because there are only these two little things and I just need to know as done and just need, like, but do you actually need that, Julie? Or do you need to just slow it down? And come back to what? Like God talking to me right now? What is it that I already told you? I told you, it's done. I told you, you have got it. So stop getting in the way of me creating the outcomes that I promised to you. Stop fighting battles that are not yours to fight. And instead, approach this whole process. This whole experience from a place of peace and a place of intentionality. And in a place of doing what I can reasonably okay, there's gonna be some evenings working, which is not a usual thing for me, but it's a season but like not staying up till midnight doing stuff. Do things that you can reasonably do. But don't hustle. Don't force it. Because I got this. And the whole point often and I think that a lot of us that have a faith Foundation, a lot of us who are Jesus follower errs, who are Christian. And I mean, if you fall into some other category, you may resonate with this too. But we get so caught up in, but I need to do the things. And I need to make it happen. And God's saying to me, but if you do all the things and you make all the things happen, and you force it, there is no room for me to show up, because I'm stronger in your weakness. Because I can do more and show who I am. When you slow down, and give me room to move. And so there is that dynamic that's showing up here between all of this fear and distraction, and need for control and need to avoid failure that sometimes has me and I don't want to reach out to people right now. I'll do that later. And that's not serving the people I'm here to serve. And this is ultimately some of the work and I had a great conversation with a client about this today, too, is when we hit these days. When fear shows up. We move through a few things in actually stepping through the fear and one is acknowledging it. Hi, fear, I see you What are you trying to protect me from? Well, we have clarity on that, don't we? And then thanks for showing up and trying to keep me safe. But I got this and God's got me. And then I focus back on what's the goalpost? What is it that I'm moving towards? Where is that path that I'm following, pointed, and just stay on it? Just take the next step while focusing on the impacts and the outcomes and the transformations that have the potential to happen. If I keep going, keep marching. How can people's lives experience transformation? And what shows up in the world? When they do that? That thing that I get to create my own impact in by contributing to people by being a resource by being a voice? That doesn't happen? If I don't? That's the thing that pulls me through. And that's the thing that routes me back into myself and say, hold up. No, I am love joy, strength, light and grace. And I will be that because that's who he says I am. And that's enough, like that's it, we're done. Nope, fear, we're not doing this. We're going to keep going. And we're going to keep moving. And we're going to keep our eyes focused on Jesus, and move towards living out the call that's on our life, which is to love Him and to love his people to fight for his people. And the fighting and the fear. I mean, that goes together. And ultimately, I think that's what brings me back the most even just saying it is like who, Okay, we're good. Bring it, bring it fear. All you got, I'll just throw it back at you. Because people deserve to be loved, and they deserve to be fought for. And there is a need for us to be collectively moving towards loving people better, and having more compassion for them. And having a more justice filled world. And bringing people back to that place of hey, you were loved into existence. So you don't need the universe. But the creator of it. He's chasing after you like Hey, I loved you into existence. Can we just like, hang out? Can we do life together? Because this way that you're doing things in this direction that you're going, I have so much better for you that I built you for. There's a path that I custom created for you. Let's get you on it. So I know and I understand that over the next couple of weeks fear is going to continue to pop up and I am going to continue to choose to face into it and step through it and keep going. And on the other side of all of this, there will be a book and ultimately my worth. This is important for someone who's listening to this. My worth is not tied to the outcomes or the performance of this book. Are this lunch because my enoughness and my value is settled. Because nothing I can do or not do will change how I'm seeing or how I'm loved. So I'm just going to do what I can do. I'm not going to Slack, I'm not going to hide, I'm not going to play small. But I'm just going to do what I can do. And then I'm going to let God have his hold my beer moment. And I'm just going to keep believing for that. Like, just watch, just watch what I do here. Because you gave me room to operate. So to wrap up, if you're not on, you know what's coming, right? If you're not on the presale list yet, get yourself on the presale list because I need you okay. And if you are open to called to pull towards being on the launch team, we're keeping this superduper simple, especially this close to launch. And it's going to be not crazy time consuming. Okay, we're going to provide all the stuff that you need to share about this, and to get reviews up and do all the things we need to do to hack Amazon, because we talked about that last week. So please join the launch team, please get all the pre sale lists, like please, please, please, please, and go follow me on social if you're not already and share the stuff that's coming up or like it or comment on it. We've been doing a daily pre read over on Tiktok and Instagram. And so all of the interaction that we can get is going to help boost those posts and then help boost whatever's coming out in launch week. So that, okay, that's what I need. And not just for me, okay, let's just reiterate this for a hot second, and then we're gonna close up. It's not for me, it's not about me. And it's not about you. And as much as I would love. And I've said this before for this to be a very abundance filled book launch. It's not about that it is about reaching the people that this needs to reach. And if that means that we collectively all band together and hit Amazon in the same two hour window so we can knock out that bestseller thing. Let's do that. So until next week, on my love and Virtual hugs, Juliet I hope this episode stirred something up in you or gave you some hope. Until next time, know that you are enough that everything in you that has been placed in you has been put there to help you carry out the calling that is on your life. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please please please hop into wherever you listen to podcasts and leave a positive review for us. And the links that we mentioned during the episode will be in your show notes. So make sure to check those out too. Until next time, be love. Be joy. Be strong and courageous and be too much. I dare you