Becoming Ourselves - The Podcast

From Author to Authority - The Amazon Algorithm and Why It Matters

July 06, 2022 Juli Wenger Season 4 Episode 16
Becoming Ourselves - The Podcast
From Author to Authority - The Amazon Algorithm and Why It Matters
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It's time to get that book in the hands of the people. And where do the people buy their books?  That's right, AMAZON! So this week I'm talking about Amazon's algorithm, why it's bogus and also very very important for getting your message out.

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Juli Wenger:

Welcome to becoming ourselves, the podcast, where we help you answer the questions Who Am I? And why am I here. And then we help you get out of your own way because the world is waiting for you to show up and own your power. You have been placed on this earth for purpose, with purpose and on purpose by a God who loves you fiercely. And he has called you to something that has been specifically created for you right now. I'm Juli Wenger, I'm a coach and author, speaker and Enneagram teacher, a Jesus lover and an entrepreneur that rocks ADHD, I am passionate about helping you step into the life you've called to, that something you know is possible, but haven't been able to reach. So buckle up, because it's not always an easy ride. But on the other side, is a life that is fired up to fill. Let's go. I am recording this episode on June 30 2022. And I want to bring you in on the behind the scenes of actually launching the countdown for the book. So yesterday, June 29, we rolled out a 21 day countdown book is coming out July 20. And I've got to tell you, there have been some wanting to worry wanting to freak out moments because I don't have a physical copy in my hands just yet. And so there's this risk with trying to time something that is still in process and lesson for next time because there will be a next book. Okay, lesson for next time. Get it done, get a printed copy in my hands, and then start gearing people up for Hey, it's time and it's ready. There have been a lot of those lessons along the way of what is it that works and what doesn't work and what gets totally and completely sidetracked like a May 31 launch date because I like to move quickly. And when I am in a space of both learning curves, and depending on other people, there's this human element that shows up if things don't go the way you hope they'll go. So where are we are, we are 20 days out. And I am believing that won't God do it. We are committed to the date. And he's going to show up. And actually it's fun. Because last night after launching all of this, okay, I got my last round of formatting, which is the inside of the book. For those of you who didn't listen to last week's episode, we were talking about that making it pretty on the inside. Okay, last night, I got the second round of full on interior formatting and I looked it over and it compared it to my notes because I sent it off last time with these really specific, you know, PDF style with a colored arrow and font and text, whatever to say do this to this to this to this. So I just checked against it. There were two things. Okay, two things that still need to get fixed. And then it's ready. And I had such a sigh of relief, because that's the last piece. That is the last thing that I have control over in the publishing process aside from just keeping on top of okay, are we on track where things that and it has been an uncomfortable week, okay, here's the personal growth and from author to authority. Last week, I had to go above people's heads and ask them to go outside of their process because we'd hit some bumps and there had been some tech challenges on the publishing side and things just had not like they've not landed where they were supposed to land. They hadn't gotten through to the people they were supposed to get through to and then hadn't been worked on. And I got this response back and it's just like, we're gonna put you back in the queue and it'll take this long to get this done. And if it's not ready by the end of the month, which is today, okay, this was like not even a week ago. Then it'll be the end of next month that we published and like hold up nope, nope, nope, nope. God gave me a date. And this is my second date. And I am not going to disappoint him. I'm not this is not an option. And so I really had to put on my what I call my big girl pants. Okay, I had to put on my CEO Julie pants and go and be demanding, not demanding a something that shouldn't be okay, not unreasonable, not angry and judgmental and Shamy and thrown up well under the bus, but saying, Hey, this is what I've been promised. And the issue, the challenges, the delays are not on my side. So whatever you need to do to get this thing done by this date, it needs to happen. And it's fortunate because the owner of this company is a phenomenal human and she jumped on the phone with me, it was like, yep, here's, you know, where the process sits. And here's what's going on there. And I'm gonna just make sure this thing happens to the best of our ability. It's like, awesome. So we are at a point now, long story short, okay, if you stuck with me this far, thank you. We're at a point now, where it is, essentially about drumming up support and enthusiasm. And it's interesting, because I have this dream, okay, here's the targets, I'm gonna share their launch targets with you. I have this dream of having a 100 person launch team of getting 100 reviews within the first two weeks that get put on Amazon between the ebook and the paperback book, selling 500 bucks in the first week at a minimum, and I am just like, Please, God exceed my wildest dreams, okay, like, Let's do 2000. How about that? And yet, I realize that I can't do that, in my own doing. I can't make that a reality in my own pushing or trying or hustling. And I'm not called to, and he's not asking me to, it's the do what you can and leverage your people where you can. And then let me do the rest. Just watch. Just watch what I do with this. And ultimately, it's his book. Right? Ultimately, this is the project that he asked me to do and to be his hands and feet. And, and it's not even my book. Is there my story? Yes. Is there a co creation? Yes. And as I read this, I look back on this process. And I work through this, and I see how he's showing up. I am so aware that I could not have done this on my own. And I'm especially aware now with the context of, oh, my brain is neurodivergent that I did not have prior to this process, that for me to be able to sit down and write a 40,000 plus word book in five weeks, where there's all kinds of resistance, and all kinds of tension, and all of your stuff is coming up. And there's like heart surgery happening. And there's growth and he's dealing with my pride, like, there was resistance. And the more I learn about ADHD, the more I understand how that resistance often has me in a space of non productivity. And yet, here we are, less than a year, from the day that I put pen to paper and started even mapping it out. And the book is going to launch. And there have been some really cool developments along the way. Some really interesting opportunities that I can't wait to tell you about. And so far, we have a launch team of over 50 people. We're like halfway there. We also need you Okay, so if you're listening to this, and you're not on the launch team yet, please consider it because we're going to keep it super simple and easy and non time consuming for you. And here's what's really important about getting the book online, which is kind of the theme of where we're going today. How the Amazon algorithm works is that they have this thing called Amazon Best Seller. Okay, now you've probably heard a lot about best selling author and you'll see that all over the place. And honestly, if I get it, I'm going to use it. Okay, that is let's just throw that out there because the credibility piece and then being able to reach more people, they go together. And that ties into this. Okay, Amazon Best Seller is a relative scale. It changes day to day. So it depends how many books you sell in a particular category. Okay, they rank ebooks separately from audiobooks separately from physical book. And so when you hit best seller in a category, it's comparing to either who else launched that day or who else is selling a certain number of books in your category that day? And so sometimes you'll see people hack the system, and they'll throw a book about business growth into a like knitting and yarn category or something. And then they'll have their friends go buy like 60 books and they hit bestseller like I'm a best selling author. Okay, so, here's what you need to know number one An Amazon Best Seller is a useless meaningless BS metric that I will use. Okay, I will but know that and understand this to why it's important. Why it matters that we hit that is that when you hit bestseller status, your book ranks higher in the algorithm. Well, what does that mean? That means when people are searching for content, for help, for transformation for understanding and like, who am I actually, I don't even know who I am anymore. I've lost myself to all of the roles or the shoulds or the, like, I just I don't know, when they're looking for that they can find this. When they're looking for the what is the point? What is the purpose behind my life? God, what you put me here for, they will find this, when they're stuck in a pattern that they can't seem to break through. And they don't get it. They don't get why can't I seem to overcome this thing? How do I get out of my own way, they find this, okay, this is why it matters. And this is why you matter. And this is why the collective us matters. This book is not about me, this book is not about being a giant money making venture, okay, I'd like to recoup my costs. And I'd like to have abundance for our family. And it like a lot of things that way. And that doesn't go against what the point is, but the point and the purpose behind this entire endeavor. And this whole thing is to reach people, and to create an opportunity for transformation for them, for them to be able to be shaken up a little bit, to be empowered to be woken up to say, Oh, I know who I am now. And I know who's I am. And I can let go of this not enough thing. And I can reclaim the parts of me that I thought were too much but are actually necessary for me to walk out the call that's all my life, I can actually find a move my way into the quote unquote, something that elusive something that I know is possible for me, but I haven't been able to reach it yet. I haven't been able to get there. Just imagine, okay, just just do this for me, Humor me. Just imagine for a minute, close your eyes, if you're not driving, that there are people all around you in your community, that there are people in communities all over the world who understand that I am chosen, and I am purposed. And I can live a life and CO create a life with my Creator who loved me into existence. That creates impact that is so ultimately and completely fulfilling for me that I get absolutely fired up and excited about on the regular. And that ultimately leads me into this feeling of freedom because I know I'm doing what I'm supposed to. I know I'm doing what I'm built for. I'm not trying to measure up to everyone else's expectations. I'm not trying to do life the way that everyone says I'm supposed to, or that I should, but isn't actually for me, I'm not trying to live into someone else's box. There is a freedom that comes with following the path that is for us that has been custom created for you and for all of these people in your community. And the outcome of that. The impact of that is that we end up with a world that's more like Jesus, we end up with a world that is more loving and compassionate and patient and kind and we end up with a world that is more committed to justice that is more committed to equality that is more committed to healing and restoration and bringing people together. And that in this time where we are seeing absolute epidemics in terms of mental health. When we're in a time where there is so much polarity and so much division, and so much dehumanization of people, this is what we need. We need to go fight for people and for us to be equipped and rooted and grounded to go and do that we need to have the foundation of understanding who and who's out Am I? And where does my value come from? And what does it mean for me to live powerfully and authentically, in my calling, to go do that and build that with God, because he has been creating this path, he's been straightening this road out in front of me. He's been installing streetlights saying, hey, go this way. And I am in front of you, and I am behind you. And I am all around you, and I've got you. And what I have for you that you are built for that thing, that life, that path, it's not always going to be easy, but it is going to be so worth doing. And there is a rest in that. And there is a piece in that even when there's storms, even when there's challenges, even when they're struggles. I have them, okay, like the doubt and the worry about the book, or the doubt and the worry and shifting from what was a very solid 10 year career into something new that now is like just two years old. There is fear that shows up. And there is fear that for those of us who are Jesus followers, that the enemy is going to weaponize to keep us from fighting for people. And if you're walking out this faith thing with me, you know, what I'm talking about. This is an opportunity. And this book is, I say in the beginning of it, it's a shout from the rooftops to wake people up to what they're capable of, and to what their birthright is, and to the power that is in them. And the capacity that is in them. And the freedom that exists for them and living out a purpose that is for them, but it's not about them. So let's circle back, because I could go all kinds of tangent on this and get really fired up about it. Because you all know, this is just what gets me. Let's see very excited, okay, we'll just leave that there. As we step into the getting it online, there's going to be a whole bunch of background stuff that's happening of assigning ISBN numbers and uploading it to Amazon and things that I have chosen to not put my hands into. And in the meantime, we count down. And we build out newsletters, and we build out social media content. And we're doing pre reads sneak peeks of little bits and pieces of different chapters and we're building the presale list. And there's all of this energy that goes to making sure people know, getting people excited, and putting as much momentum and as broad of a force as possible behind this. So that the work the reaching out the getting this in front of people, it's not heavy. So that every member of our launch team and every member of my community that shares about this and takes the time to put those reviews up, because they help with the algorithm to the people who actually will spend the time reading it and saying, Hey, here's who this would be good for, or let's do like a small group study on this. Okay, all of those pieces of moving this forward, and getting this out there and then letting God use it. It's all about momentum building right now. So as we close up for this week, because I need to go like run around a room or breathe or something small worked up. It is my hope. And it is my prayer. And it is my ask, which I would have thought would have been harder being a recovering people pleaser and someone who likes to help everyone else and not acknowledged my needs or asked for what I need. Except this isn't about me. So my ask for you is to get on the launch team is to share about this on social is to tell your friends when you're talking with them is to get on the pre order list. Get this in front of your people with me. And if you've got some hesitance like I don't know if this is going to be like a good book, can I put myself behind this? Here's what I want you to know. Okay, this is not a book that we wrote just to write a Book, this is not a book we wrote just to say I'm an author and have the title. This is a book that has been pre read by. She's six people early stage to make sure it made sense and was good. It has been edited four times, not by me. Plus all of the times it's been edited by me. It is something that I have put my heart and my soul into and taken so seriously and invested so much time and money into. And all of the feedback, all of it from our pre readers that are pre reading now, from my pre readers that were working on it with me last fall, and anyone who's had eyes on it in the process, it's all been solid, it's all been amazing. And if you need a little more to back that up, I'm going to point you to two places. Number one, on the website, we have launched our book, page, Juli, up book. And on the book page, we have a review from another author, friend of mine who has been part of this entire process with me, so you can read what he says. And the other piece that we've been putting together because I recognize that not everyone is going to be able to read the entire book, ASAP to be able to put a review up ASAP is for our launch team, we've created a Google Doc that has a listing of all of the topics, all of the chapter headers, and a walkthrough of here's what we're covering. If you've been following me on Instagram, or Facebook, or any of those places that I spend a lot of time and give a lot of my heart to, or if you've been listening to the podcast for a while. They reflect the kind of content and the heart of this book. If you really desperately want to be a pre reader, and it is still early enough, because they recognize this episode won't come out until the first week of July think on the sixth message me. And we can look at getting you an advanced copy of the manuscript so that you can pre read, and that we can coordinate reviews and things with you and in advance of launch day. From all of my heart. Thank you for being on this journey with me. Thank you for giving thought to supporting this in any capacity you feel called to. Because it is going to make all the difference to the people that God has assigned this book to. And it means the absolute world to me to have you step up and show up for people that you may never even meet. We may never hear, know or understand the impact of the things that we're called to do that we execute on. But it still exists. All my love and Virtual hugs. I hope this episode stirred something up in you or gave you some hope. Until next time, know that you are enough that everything in you that has been placed in you has been put there to help you carry out the calling that is on your life. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please please please hop into wherever you listen to podcasts and leave a positive review for us. And the links that we mentioned during the episode will be in your show notes. So make sure to check those out too. Until next time, be love. Be joy. Be strong and courageous and be too much. I dare you