The Becoming Ourselves Podcast

From Author to Authority Series - So You Wanna Write a Book

March 23, 2022 Episode 88
The Becoming Ourselves Podcast
From Author to Authority Series - So You Wanna Write a Book
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From Author to Authority Series - Episode 1 - So You Wanna Write a Book

You've felt the "call" to write a book, so what's next? This week I share about how I started making my idea a reality.  It all starts with clarity and intention. But what happens when imposter syndrome creeps up and makes us question the clarity we thought we had? Tune in and find out for yourself!

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Book a Clarity Call

Juli Wenger:

We're on this earth for a purpose. You want to live a life that matters. So let's get through the fear and the overwhelm and all the crap that gets in the way of you living the life of fear for this is the becoming ourselves podcast where we are fired up about you getting clear on who you are, what you're called to, and how to get there. Because the world is waiting for you to show up and own your power. I'm your host, Juli Wenger, a coach, a speaker, a Jesus lover in Enneagram, two, and a tree shaker, let's dive into what's keeping you stuck. Because on the other side, is a life that's fired up the film. You're starting a brand new series in advance of the release of my first book fired up fulfilled and free. This is called from author to authority, where we're going to get into the process of actually writing a book, the personal growth that needs to happen, and the provision of how God shows up. Before we get into that, I want to give you a little nudge, if you're not on our presale list yet, for the book, hop into the link in the show notes or follow me over on Instagram, and it's in my bio, you can get signed up there so that you know first when it's going to drop, and about all of the fun things that we're planning for the actual launch itself. Now, let's jump into this. Because today we're going to talk about, so you want to write a book, we're going to talk about deciding, because the deciding is the catalyst for everything if we don't decide there's no book. And so I want to take you through some of the backstory first about deciding and we can get into some of the process piece of this journey. So about 18 months ago, I was sitting in my basement office with my first assistant in this business, Sophie and we were doing some brainstorming about what is this business going to look like longer term? What are the projects we're taking on? What are the buckets we're giving time and energy to what are we building towards? And it was a God, where are you calling us? What are you calling us to kind of a moment. And one of the things that came up in that brainstorming was a book. And we thought, oh, wouldn't that be cool? We could write a book, we could put a book out there, it could, you know, help reach more people. And that was pretty much it. It was something that felt like it was going to take too much time. Too much energy. I didn't really know what I'd write about any way imposter syndrome showed up all over the place. Because who am I to write a book and what do I have to write about the people are going to listen to care about and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So Bertha showed up, my inner critic. And for those of you who haven't followed me for a while Bertha's, my inner critic, I've named her we talked about this in a book in the book a bit about how naming our inner critic can actually help us separate that voice from herself and take her power back. But I digress. So we're at this point of Yep, that'd be cool. But I'm not going to do anything about it yet. I'll wait until I get a really clear call from God. Okay, and this is a good plan. Except when we hide behind it. It's a good plan to wait for a call from him. As long as we're not just saying that, but we're actively asking the question. And that's not what I was doing. I was not actively asking the question. But as he always does, he chases me down. So I started to have conversations with people who had written books, I started to have people speak over me that they saw multiple books. In my future, I started to have these interactions and relationship form that really supported this idea. And said, Yeah, you could totally do this. I've done this. So you can do this. I've been through this process, we can talk about it. What if you did write the book, it could be really great. And as we got closer to the fall, one of my friends piped up and said, I think it's time I'm speaking at a book writing challenge, a map your book out challenge, and you should come. So here's where I want to backtrack, because this is where the story really picks up steam, but we need to talk about the general thing, the theme that I see out in the world in deciding, okay, most people do what I initially did. They say, I think a book would be fun. I'd like to write a book, that'd be great. And they don't get clear on why they'd want to do it. They don't get clear on their intentions. They don't get clear The purpose. So if we're looking at intentions, here's the one thing I want to call out first, because everybody wants to write a book. Okay? This is like when I was in real estate, and everyone I talked to is like, Yeah, I thought about being a realtor. And when I got into coaching, and everyone said to me, I thought about being a coach, and there was a mass exodus from jobs, because COVID hit into coach school, and I had started already, but there was like, all of a sudden, all these new students everywhere and everyone was going, I want to be a coach. So there is this similarity I see in that, but I want to encourage you, because if you really feel called to write a book, you can. And there is something in your life, that is a book worthy, there is something about your journey that is book worthy. And we have to get clear about our intention is our intention to boost our ego is our intention that, oh, I think I'll be famous if I write a book, or is our intention purpose filled? Because those are two very different things. I see people write books from a place of ego all the time. And they either don't land or they don't create real transformation. And then I see people write books, from a place of purpose, from a place of what is the impact that I can have, and what is the transformation that I can help people create, that I can support them in creating for themselves by doing this. Because as we talked about in other episodes of the podcast, it's our purpose that pulls us through. It's our purpose and our clarity on how we can be for other people, that pulls us through the tough days. And believe you, me, if you decide to write a book, there are going to be days that you want to quit. And they're going to recur, this is a thing. People may not tell you, but this is a thing, you're not going to want to do it. You're going to be halfway through and decide it sucks. And maybe you should start over. And who are you to? Hello, imposter syndrome, an inner critic. Right, that is a reality of this process. So the purpose has to be clear. When I got to this point, to jump back into the story, I got to this point in like late August, early September leading up to this book writing challenge, kind of like, okay, well, I want to be a supportive friend. So I will plan to pop on for your segment, maybe I'll pull it planned to pop on for an, you know, a few other ones, because it's a free Summit. And this is what we do, right? We pop on for what we can make or we sign up and we never show up. It's like a 50% attendance rate if you're lucky for free events online. And so I show up for a couple of sessions. I'm like, this is actually really good. And the purpose of this thing was to help you map out the contents of your book. So you start with, how am I getting clarity on Who am I writing this form? What is the purpose? Okay, so we tie right back into purpose, we tie right back into intentionality, because we need those two things in play to be able to actually sit down and go through this process to be finishers of this process. And then we got to give the book structure. And this is something who is fairly like for someone who's fairly certain that I'm on the ADHD spectrum, and I'll keep you all posted. Because this is going to be a thing that I'm going to figure out this year, I need structure, or I spiral off into randomness, and I don't come back. Okay, I get distracted, I get pulled off into what's new and shiny. And giving it structure and saying what are the key things? What are the topics? What are the areas that I would actually want to talk about? Or have the skill or the knowledge or the context on or the training in? What are those pieces. And of course, for me, it was all about our purpose and our calling, and who we are our identity. And it's funny because initially when I thought about doing this book, that 18 or so months ago, I thought it would be straight up secular. I thought I'd tone it down because I still in that space of like I don't want to turn people off with a spiritual talk. But then as I started thinking about my journey, I realized that a it would be completely inauthentic. If I tried to show up and write an entire book from a secular perspective, because that has not been my journey. Without my faith without Jesus, none of this happened. Okay, like that is the sole trigger and guide and the whole thing has been wrapped around faith. It's all been a faith journey. It's all been God guiding me through it's all been him saying here's your path, get on it. And I'll tell you where to go next. And I'm building it for you. And I need you to walk it out and go create the impact that I put you here for, we're going that's been the journey. So as I'm planning this out and going EOS is not account separated out. This is an opportunity for me to really talk the talk and walk the walk of reclaiming too much. What if it's too spiritual? Well, it's not, because that's me. And because if I'm really being honest about my journey, and about the transitions I've made and the jumps I've made, and what's motivated them, and what's brought me through them, it's not been me, it's been him. So I'm planning this thing out. And I'm getting that clarity, which feels big and scary, because that's a new way to show up. And at the end of it, I have this structure. And then comes the moment to decide. Because ultimately, we have to do something that's a let's call it no takes the backseat moment. It's the hold your nose and jump moment, it's the I'm going to do this and there will be no stopping me, come hell or high water, I am going to follow through, I'm going to make this happen. And for me, that was book bootcamp. There came this opportunity at the end of this book writing challenge, this environment, that God was like, Hey, go do this thing. This will be fun. And I'm like, yeah, maybe someday write a book is could be helpful, there comes this opportunity. And it's a three week intensive. We're writing together daily. It's a Christian book writing or publishing company. And all of the women that are joining this thing are of the same faith as me. So it's a powerful space of growth and accountability. And they say we have like this many spots, if you want to jump in, if you're feeling the call, it's time to write the book. And this is your opportunity. And I'm like, crap, because up until that point, I haven't been planning for this I've actually been planning for I'm going to step into October, and I am going to not just double down but like quadruple down on my networking. To make sure that I can find the clients, I need to make sure that I can offer the masterclasses and go to the networking events and meet people for lunch and coffee. And, and and and I had filled my calendar. And then you know what, he drops in my spirit, drop everything and go write my book. I'm like, I'm sorry, what? No, I just booked all this stuff. I have these commitments I have these months. He's like, I didn't tell you to do that. Right? If you've ever had that moment, are like, Oh, man. Now I gotta go back on these things that I wanted to do. And then I was looking forward to and talk to people. And I mean, people are pretty understanding when they're in your circle, and they're good people. And you're like, Hey, God told me to write his book, and I need to, like, cancel or postpone or move something. But ah, really, I don't, I don't, I can't yet drop everything and go write my book. And that was decision time. Am I doing this or not? So I signed myself up for book writing boot camp. And then I quote, unquote, asked my husband, if you were to help with the kids, because it was right during bedtime. And, I mean, it was more of a I did a thing. And it was kind of impulsive, but God really clearly told me to do it. So I need your I need your support. And thankfully, he is amazing and always supportive and has been like a cheerleader through this whole process. But we have to decide. And in deciding it was both a Okay, I have very clear direction on this. I have very, very, very clear, you know, God saying Go green light. And I understand that the impact and the potential for impact for people who I will never have the capacity to work with one on one and take through this experience, to take through this transformation in this process. That impact can grow so exponentially through the context of a book that can outlive my lifetime. That can get in front of people that I'll never talk to, that I'll never hear from. It could reach other countries. The opportunities for God to work through it are endless. There are truly endless and When I think about that, and that's what the podcast is for, too. When I think about that reach, and I think about the ripple effect and the flow through of reaching all of these people, it makes my heart so full. And that's the piece that I needed to be able to actually walk out this process. So here's where we're going. Next week, we're going to talk a bit about the actual outline process. And we're going to talk about system and tools. So we're gonna get into the real tactical, nitty gritty of getting started. So if you're deciding if you're on the fence, make sure to tune in next week. While we run through some of this because it was transformational for me. And the thing that I referred back to over and over and over and over again as I work through the process. And I'll bring in some context on what I've seen other people leverage as well. Okay, that is it for our first episode of from author to authority. I am so excited about this, like I said at the beginning, if you're not on the presale list, make sure to click on the link in the show notes and get yourself on the presale list because this book, and I don't say this from ego because God been working on that but from an actual perspective of understanding what he can do, this book is going to change lives. And I want to make sure that we get it into your hands and that you can get it into the hands of the people that you know. Until next time, all my friends I hope this episode triggered something in you and got you thinking about your next growth curve. Make sure to check out the show notes for more details and links to resources or people that we've mentioned today. And make sure you hit follow or subscribe and if you have a hot minute leave an awesome review. I would be so beyond grateful. Until next time, be to much DARE YOU